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Underbody & Cavity Rust Protection


RhinoGard is a proven Premium Undercoating for superior adhesion – will not freeze, “pocket” crack or fail.

  • Self-healing properties prevent moisture from penetrating “behind the barrier” in the event of a rock chip on underbody.

  • Unlike oil-based products, RhinoGard is designed to be applied one-time, 3-5 years after the coatings is applied, you may bring your vehicle back to our shop for a check up and touch up if needed

  • RhinoGard Cavity Rust Inhibitor is sprayed into the seams of your vehicle for lifetime protection

  • Full cure in about 24 hours. Will not come off on clothes or drip on your garage

  • All RhinoGard Anti-Corrosion lines are tested specifically against the Magnesium and Calcium Chloride liquid de-icing brines

Rhino Linings rust prevention program offers your vehicle 360 degrees of protection-EVP-Entire Vehicle Protection

RhinoGard can be applied to rusty vehicles. The treatment consists of preparing the surface, insuring that its clean, all loose rust is abraded off, a black cathodic primer is used where necessary, and the RhinoGard undercoating is applied evenly and at the proper thickness for maximizing your vehicle's protection.  Sound deadening is a benefit to applying this coating as well.

Underbody focus areas:
•  Frames
•  Leaf Springs
•  Air Brake Chambers
•  Transmission Pans

•  Oil Pans
>Wheel Wells by request.


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